Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh My Gosh!

What a spring this has been. I don't ever remember a storm season that has been quite this distructive what with all of the tornados, buckets of rain and the flooding. There has been so much loss of life and property and it's not just in the south. There were the tornados in Alabama, the flooding of the Mississippi River and all the towns around it, now last night another tornado rained its destruction on Jopin, MO and in Minnesota.  In the midst of this, we know that God is faithful, he will sustain us and provide for us. Those of us that have not been immediately affected by this, let us lift these families up and hold them up in prayer. They are facing months of cleanup and rebuilding. We must be strong for those that can't be strong right now. If you can go and help...GO, if you can give...GIVE but most importantly of all...PRAY.

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