Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hey, going to kids and teen camp this week to cook for them. No phones or internet. See you next week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


My sister and I have been going to garage sales, auctions etc. for about a year now and absolutely loving it. At a garage sale not long ago, we found two great little benches. I don't have before and after pictures of the first one we redid but I do of the last one. We have never done anything like this before and are quite surprised that the benches turned out as well as they did. I've seen other people on other blogs show their work and have always wanted to try it. We are busy with other projects now since these turned out good. Here are the before and after pictures.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

My baby sister lives on a lake and asked all of us to join them for Memorial Day celebration this year. We had so much fun. We (and I use that term loosely) grilled, swam, the kids tubed, rode in the boat, played cards, talked and just generally had a wonderful time. My sister and her husband are great hosts and I thank them for the hospitality. I just had to show you some pictures of our fun times. Also, sorry these pictures have such a blue tint. I had the camera on the wrong setting.

These last pictures are of Kylah and Noah when Noah was leaving. Kylah is quite the kisser and Noah thoroughly enjoyed it. BTW, I guess since they are cousins, they would be kissing cousins.