Thursday, October 4, 2018

Our Family

Going to be posting some more vacation pictures but seems like our vacations get crazier every year. I guess that's why Jessica bought a pillow for her home that says "My family must be God's favorite sitcom." Someday I'm going to look back at all our vacations and see what was going on in them but for now I am posting pictures before and after the tropical storm/hurricane. First off is our annual up before daylight, let's go picture of the kids. Yes we are those people that leave in the middle of the night.
 Next we had to get our "year" picture. Lily wouldn't get in the picture, oh well.
 Then each boy had to write his name in the same. I love it.
They were down on the beach almost as soon as we got everything unloaded. These kids love the sand and beach.
Jenny fixed each of the kids a shark tooth digging kit complete with great white shark teeth and megaladon shark teeth. Some were real and some she made but you really couldn't tell the difference. As you can see from their expressions, they loved it. 
 And were very serious about finding these teeth.
As you can see, the first couple of days it was stormy, even before "Gordon" came ashore but at the same time a lot of the rain before hand stayed way out in the ocean.
 We did have a visitor.
 The waves were pretty big before the storm.
 We love the birds