Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Some years back, I don't remember when, my Dad had a dream of owning land with all of his kids living on that land with him and Mother. Well, he bought some land, built a house and offered all four of us kids land free of charge. I am the only one that took him up on his offer and we have been here for 36 years. Move forward to today............we have bought some land and two of my kids will be moving there with us. I know Jenny would if she could find a good job here like she has in Tulsa. Maybe someday. The land is not cleared so it will take a while for that to happen but hopefully within a year or so we will be living there.
For now, Jamie and Kacee have sold their house and are moving in with us until they can move out to the land which means we are going to need lots of prayers and patience. Hopefully after a while things will settle down. The last time they moved back in they only had Noah now they have Noah, Jonah and soon Isaiah. Fun times ahead.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Prayers for Boston and Texas

What a week this has been. First the terroristic bombing in Boston and then the horrific explosion in West, Texas. You never know how your life could change in just mere seconds; how you might never have that last chance to tell a loved you how much they mean to you; how you might never have another chance to cry out to Jesus to save you. Right now you do have that opportunity and to prepare for whatever comes in the next few seconds, hours, days, weeks or years. We are bombarded about being prepared with food and water for natural disasters and we should be prepared but we should also think about our souls. We must prepare for the future, for our eternity in that way first and foremost. It is probably one of the simplest things we can ever do and the most important. Just ask. That's right, all you have to do is ask. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and to live in your heart. That's all. You don't have to beg or plead with Him, He is waiting and hoping for you to come to Him.
The picture below shows the corner of the building that houses the best little bakery and it is in West, Texas. You can see the smoke from the explosion of the fertilizer plant. Karen and were there just two weeks ago buying some of their yummy delights. Pray for these people in West, Texas and for Boston.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Treasures redone

After last weekends trip to Warrenton, I got very busy this week trying to get most of it either painted or repurposed in some way. We have a "show" here in Fort Smith tomorrow and it's always so busy the week before getting everything ready and this time was even more so because we had so much new stuff to work on. We bought four old wooden windows without the glass so I made chalkboards out of three of them, painted frames from old pictures, repainted a table, chair and nightstand and only took pictures of a few of the items. I wish I wouldn't wait until the week before a show to get everything finished but that will probably never happen. If you are in Fort Smith Saturday, come see us at the Fort Smith Vintage Flea Market.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Texas Antiques Week!

Karen and I went south for the weekend. South Texas to be exact, Warrenton to be more exact. I have been wanting to go for several years and it is such a long drive that I have never even planned the trip but this was the year to go I guess. We drove all day on Thursday stopping along the way at any junk place we happened to think had some good junk ending up at a little motel in Rockdale, Texas. It was so cute and if you are ever down that way, this is the place to stay.....Rainbow Courts Motel.
The next morning we were on our way again to the Texas Antiques Week. So excited!!!! It seemed like we walked for miles and still had only scratched the surface of the show. It was so big and spread out. One of the places I really wanted to see was Zapp Hall and I did.
There was so much "good junk" at the entire show, I was just overwhelmed. I really would like to find out where these people find all of this junk. Maybe someday but I would never have enough junk to have a booth here and really don't think I would want to. It's just too big, but I am going back as soon as I can get someone to go with me. I loved it.