Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beautiful Easter

We had a beautiful Easter weekend. Any weekend is beautiful when I have my family around me. That is what I live for. We actually started egg hunting a week ago and just continued in it dyeing the eggs on Friday night, hunting them on Sunday and will probably hunt more this week as the dyed ones are sitting waiting patiently in my refrigerator. Easter Sunday service was beautiful as well and I am so thankful to Jesus for his sacrifice and for what he does for us every day. We must never let the Easter bunny take precedence over our Lord.
Now for pictures.
It was a good thing we took Lily's shirt off because she ended up spilling her cup of dye on herself.
Just so you know, Lily was asleep during the egg hunt at Detra's. Poor baby....she would have loved it.
The kids love going to their Aunt Detra's and Uncle Cliff's for Easter. They are always excited to go.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Not Spring Break

Spring break has come and gone but what we did on Spring Break got us going back to the pond. It needs some work what with the flooding from last year and just neglect but that didn't stop us from going down there fishing and having a hot dog roast. Just a spur of the moment kind of thing but aren't those usually the best kind of outings. And of course, Jamie caught the only fish that was caught and on the first throw. Oh well, it's all fun. And the hot dogs never tasted better than with a little fire ash on them. Fishing, eating, a nice little fire because it is still kind of cool as the sun goes down, playing......what better way to end a Saturday.