Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas fun

After Thanksgiving comes our kick off to Christmas with a fun Tulsa trip. Gary and I started this way back with the youth kids and Jessica has continued it. Gary and I have also started taking the grandkids to either Tulsa or Branson and like last year, we decided to go to Jenny's. The kids love going to her house. I wonder why. 😃😃😃😊

No, she didn't make them sleep on the floor. They were playing some kind of game.
The main stop is Incredible Pizza and not really for the food. It's not bad but they love to go for the games. Including Dad.
 Favorite thing right here.
Left Tulsa Sunday morning to hurry and get back for the grands' Christmas party at church. Whew! what a weekend.
 They love their Maddie
Next onto the Gingerbread house building. From the pictures it looks like smoothing sailing but that's not exactly how it went. Especially when one of the houses just wouldn't stay together. I hot glue them together and for some reason it just didn't want to work on Jonah's but FINALLY got it to stay.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Like most families, Thanksgiving is very special to our family and really begins the Christmas season. For years we have been going to my baby sister's house and eating until we are sick. The number of people changes from year to year but her and her husband are always so welcoming of any that want to come. And there is always tons of food. Most people bring something but Detra does the major portion of the cooking. She is such a gracious host. I am very thankful for her family and for their generosity of welcoming us each year.
Now on to Black Friday. Even though we don't do the shopping we used to do like getting up in the middle of the night....we do like to go the next day, do a little shopping and then to Savoy Tea for lunch. Not eveyone comes but there is still a pretty good size group and Savoy Tea tomato soup is awesome.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The three "H"s

Every year our church's one big production is Hee Haw. We have been doing this version of it for 12 years. But it really started way back yonder in Ruth and Richard Kimes' backyard. Such wonderful memories. Here are just a few of the "acts" on hand for lots of fun and laughter. Oh and we also, of course, have lots of wonderful food.
 This gives the little kids an extra opportunity to dress up.
 We had special guests this year. Mickey Mouse and Dino
 there's a scary looking dude.
 The kiddos have been friends since birth.
 Halloween on the walking trails
Before haircut
After haircut 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Loving the fall

Like a lot of people, fall is my very favorite season. I love the colors, the smells, the activities....just about everything. And I love to decorate my home for fall. Not this year though. Moving into our house or at least trying to is a bit overwhelming at this point. There are boxes, boxes and more boxes to unpack, cleaning out in a big way and even finding some stuff I just don't recognize. After all, it has been two years since I have seen most of this stuff. But even amongst all of this, life and activities must go on. Birthdays, fun times growing up with friends at church, Hee Haw, Mickey and Dino at Hee Haw, and dressing up are just a few of the fun things to do in the fall.
 Noah and Kate at Hee Haw through the years. They are both 9 now.