Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Our little town has become another statistic, sadly. But this one is way too close to home for me. We read about police shootings all day long, pray for the people involved and their families, talk and shake your head wondering what this world is coming too but when it happens in your own community it really strikes home. We had just that very thing happen. Last week as I walked into my office, I was greeted with talk of a shooting just outside of the town I live in but not work in and it was still ongoing. As I work in the same building as our police department, we began getting reports that two officers were down and numerous other law enforcement agencies were either on site or on their way to the site. Everyone was extremely nervous and anxious. I began texting my family to see if they had heard about this and that is when my youngest boy texted me that the shooter was someone he went to school with and being from a small town, everyone knows everyone else in your class. In fact this "boy" (my kid's friends will always be kids to me) was a friend to my son, had been to our home several times while the boys were in high school. How could this be! Being raised by his grandparents because his parents weren't there I'm sure wasn't ideal but I know they did their best. We always saw them supporting him in sports he played or other activities that Jamie and his friends were involved in. I have always liked to think that Gary and I had maybe just a little bit of influence on the many kids that passed through our home. But somewhere along the line, he took the wrong turn and now he sits in jail charged with capital murder. Yes one of the officers died! He left a wife, a son and so many friends and co workers. And Yes I knew him too. He was out here at our office quite often, even fingerprinted my grandsons at National Night Out; such a kind, caring person and now he is gone. It feels so surreal knowing the people on both sides of this tragedy. I can't imagine what the shooter's grandparents are going through; how heartbroken they must be and then I think of the officer's family and what they are going through. I pray for them all. That's all I can do but prayer is powerful and maybe it's a lot more than I realize.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer is winding down

Summer may be winding down but we are still very busy with all kinds of activities. Since Jessica is the youth pastor at church, we do a lot of things with the older ones such as Sunday night movie nights,
Tuesday night dinners (where they cook and I eat and love it and am going to miss terribly).
Noah and Jonah have got me hooked on watching a TV series called "the Flash". The only thing is they watch episodes during the day and then when we watch at night, they are ahead of me. Going to have to catch up on missed ones when they aren't at the house. Let's see, now when is that? I love that they are at the house a lot and I'm sure that will end somewhat when school starts in one week. Wow, we only got started with the summer and now it is almost over.
Canning spaghetti sauce
everyone pitching in to pick the tomatoes and their are tons of them.
 Pretty girl with pretty summer hair do
 Farm family of the year (maybe?)
 Geo-caching for even more fun times.
Busy, busy, busy but fun summer time activities. Never a dull moment around this farm.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

and the summer continues

Oh My Goodness, it is so hot and humid here and the older I get the more I can't take the heat. Except of course at the beach. (smiley face) (which we will be going to soon.) But even though it is hot we are still extremely busy. What with fixing our own breakfast.....wait what? Isn't he too young?
 Some brother and sister time.....
Fun Camp Victory time.........
 and of course nap time with your aunt's kitty....
 at the park. Now you are getting too big as well. Could you all stop growing up so fast.
 Learning to kayak with a friend.....
 relaxing at an all church fellowship waiting for a wonderful fireworks show
 cooling off with a freeze pop....
More kayaking
Fun times on the town square for the Fourth of July celebration....
Chilling out on your phone at your other aunt's house..................
 Riding your brand new birthday bicycle....

 finally getting your very own library card because you are finally 6......
Gathering even more yummy tomatoes........
 and just gathering the mail.
Yes I know.....my world revolves around my family but is there anything any better than family and enjoying being together. We love it.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Brownstone Farms

I think this is something I haven't blogged about before and probably should have. Our little farm....Brownstone Farms. It is actually run mainly by Jamie and Kacee but we help and like to claim it too. I never would have thought Jamie would be such a good farmer but him and Kacee are doing great. They have lots of goats, chickens, pigs, dogs, kids and a huge garden. I have in the past had a pretty good sized garden for me which eventually turned into just a container garden which produced maybe four tomatoes a year but this is as big or bigger than my dad's gardens which produced tons of veggies. They have all kids of veggies but mainly tomatoes like 400 plants. OMGosh! Gary and I keep the kids while Jamie and Kacee take a lot of these veggies to the Greenwood Farmers Market. They also make bread and cinnamon rolls and I make jam. Everything is selling very well. We are all loving this very blessed farm life.
Plus so far we have made salsa......
and spaghetti sauce. Keep those tomatoes coming!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Birthday doings

Well, this little guy is growing up way too fast. He turns 6 today, will start 1st grade in the fall, is smart, funny, lovable and is his own person. To say he has my heart is just a little of what I feel for this young man. He loves Jesus and sings about him all the time. Thank you God for adding this precious guy to our family. He is such a blessing.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Church Camp is a big thing in our family.....very big. Jessica is the director, Jamie helps with the cooking at both camps and with activities for the teen camp, I head up the kitchen for both camps (and I have lots of really good help that I couldn't do without.) Gary counsels, talks, watches, prays and runs errands, the grandkids have been going to camp since before they could walk. So yes camp is a very big deal. Now don't get me wrong, when we get back we are totally exhausted for the next week but we wouldn't have it any other way. Our sweet DIL doesn't really do camp but someone has to take care of the home front especially with as many animals as we all have and I am so glad for her help in that way. We don't have to be concerned with it. And this year when we got home, the house was all cleaned up. What a blessing this was.