Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So many pictures

Well I really thought this would be my last post of Christmas pictures but like I said before, we were very busy this year with lots of fun things going on so naturally I took pictures. And since this is where I post them instead of printing them out, it makes for some long posts. In this round of Christmas pictures we have our Norman Christmas party with swimming for the kiddos big and small and we got to meet the newest members of our family at this gathering. (not pictured. sorry)
Dirty Santa prizes are the best.
Another fun game: girls vs boys
Such a good picture of that roll of paper towel, the background people are just photobombing.
More Christmas cookie making with good friends
 Christmas sacks at the church. The ladies got to hand them out this year and I loved it.
 Our annual youth Christmas party dinner
Such good sponsors
 Lifelong friends
 And two of my favorite boys helping me bake my Christmas apple cakes
Whew! Until next time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

More and more

I think we had more Christmas activities especially with the grands than we have ever had before. Noah, Jonah and Kacee were all in our little kids Christmas program at church. Noah even sang a solo and did so well. And who knew Kacee could act! Wow what a performance. They all did so good and everyone loved it. They practiced a lot and it paid off.
School programs
 Modeling Christmas outfits
 of course, telling Nana what she wants for Christmas
 Silly pictures
 Creekmore Christmas train (naturally picked a night that it was freezing)
 Christmas caroling. What a fun thing to do
Christmas pj night and movie
visiting Santa
 Making Christmas cookies with teenagers after making homemade pasta for dinner
 We love our aprons.
 Tough guys.
OK, I'll stop for now and finish up (hopefully) our December activities next time. Whew! what a month. Merry Christmas a little late.