Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What a month

This month started off with a bang as in losing my job of 18 years, 5 years worth of pictures and also trying to get ready for another Junk Ranch show and camp. Whew! So I am going to just post pictures I do have. Starting with Isaiah and his T-ball. He is loving it and so cute.
 Next is little Daisy Mae or Lily our strawberry picker and eater.
 End of school field trip to Wild Things Farm. Can't believe this cutie is going to be in the third grade soon.
 Noah loves dressing up and this time it is the greatest showman. He is so funny.
 So sweet to be reading to the little kids.
Bestest Friends
 AWARDS! and teacher

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I didn't even go

A few weeks back, Jessica took her youth group to the Young Christian Weekend at Silver Dollar City in Branson. Jamie went with her to help out and in turn took his two older boys and a friend. I didn't go but sure have enjoyed the pictures they took. I know they all had a blast even if it was freezing cold.
 Nothing like a giant turkey leg wrapped in his favorite food.....BACON!!!
 Cold here but....
 guess it warmed up later at the concert.
 Hey I need one of these at home.
 Best friends
 I am thankful that the teens love our boys so much and don't mind at all if they crash their trip.
 Even dad got in the fun.

 We always rent a house for this trip and this way they can cook instead of always having to go out to eat. Besides, Jamie loves cooking breakfast for everyone.
 Their traditional goofy picture at Silver Dollar City.
 Love these kids and adults.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The hunt.

And....they're off. Even Lily is old enough this year to really get into the spirit of the hunt.
 And I just had to post a picture of the "hiders".

Friday, April 13, 2018

More Easter pictures

Love the boys "Easter baskets/laundry baskets" they brought to the egg hunt the City of Barling holds each year. They love coming to this one.
Lily has really gotten the hang of this egg hunting thing this year.
Then Sunday on to Aunt Detra's where the hunting is fine but the prize basket is soooo much better. But first we had to do individual pictures and group cousin pictures. So thankful these guys get to see each other enough that they don't have any bashfulness when they get together. They just start playing like they just saw each other yesterday.
 This picture just might embarrass these two when they are older, but maybe not.
 These two have been having their picture taken from here.....
to here.....
Hope they will always be close.