Friday, September 22, 2017

"Jenny's other house"

When we have talked about going to the beach, Isaiah thinks we are going to Jenny's other house. He says not the one in Tulsa, the one at the beach. I'm OK with that. This is our relaxing place. Everyone can do what they want, take a nap, sleep in or get up early. Play on the beach or watch a movie. Eat when you want (except dinner time) snack if you want......just relaxing. We left the house for our 2017 Brown beach vacation at 1:30.
 Aunt Jenny makes the coolest sand castles.
 Playing Uno.
 Really relaxing
 guess it was twinkie day for the boys
 we love our shark had puppets.
 ready for anything.
 finding "sharks" teeth on the beach
 Isaiah loved the water.
 shouldn't have posted this one.
 Our little beach moel

Friday, September 15, 2017

AWWWwww Beach life

I know this may sound crazy but I am so glad the grandkids are growing up going to the beach every summer. I guess I have read to many books where the family goes to the beach for the entire summer every year and that just sounds so good to me. Just a little cottage on the beach getting to know the townspeople and feeling like a native. Ahhhhh. Well, I will definitely settle for at least the one week. And Isaiah thinks the beach house we rent is Jenny's "other" house. Fine with me! Our first night there we found out there was a sea turtle nest in the house next to us and it was going to hatch that night. Wow! I was so excited. Jess and I stayed up, (mainly Jessica) until almost 2:00 a.m. to watch. So tired from being up from 12:30 a.m the night before, we just couldn't make it any longer and found out the next day that the little things hatched shortly after we went to bed.
Here we are getting to listen to them moving under the sand prior to hatching.
Fourty-eight hours later the volunteer team of sea turtle people told us not all of the eggs hatched so they were going to be excavating the nest. So exciting and finally getting to see these little things hatch. They were right! There were 29 more turtles that hatched and later that evening we watched as they made their way to the ocean.
Something brand new to add to our wonderful beach vacation!