Monday, May 23, 2016

The Farm, awards and family.

Seeing how it is May, there is lots going on around here. We now have four baby goats with one more mama due anytime. There is end of school activities, gardening, and visiting family. So here we go.....
First up we have Jonah with one of the twins. These baby goats are just so cute.
School's Greenwood City Tour day and getting to meet the mayor so of course we had to wear a tie and coat. The sunglasses add so much!
Both boys achieving multiple awards in proud of how well they have done. These kids and other are our future leaders and I know they will lead us well.
Gary's sister and brother-in-law came up from Dallas with their grandchildren. What a wonderful time we all had.
Bella and Noah found a snake skin. Gross.

Sure wish they lived closer so the kids could play together more often.
Cruz got to help pick broccoli and then we cooked it and he ate it. Yum.
Uncle Josh was the carrier of the veggies I guess.
 And even got to gather the eggs.
But all of this would not be complete without this picture (story behind picture too long to tell, let's just say someone "Darrell" took a very graceful fall.)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Our springtime adventures

First we had Dr. Seuss week at school.
 Then a weekend Branson trip with the youth group
Then just a few everyday pictures.
Love how her foot is always on the table top.
 Just three little country boys hanging around.