Thursday, June 27, 2013


Year #8 of church camp is officially over! It came and went so incredibly fast this year. And no broken bones this year; just three cases of heat exhaustion. Wow. Guess we will have to really keep after the kids (mainly teens) to drink, drink, drink water not cokes or Monster energy drinks. But all in all, camp was great. We had lots of help in the kitchen which makes it really much better and the boys went with me all week. We had so much fun, swimming, riding scooters, sliding, playing on the playground. I love being with my kids.

Friday, June 14, 2013


It's that time of year camp time. Our church does our own kids and teen camp at a nearby state park. The campground has always reminded me of the campground in the movie The Parent Trap. I loved that movie and still do. Haley Mills was my favorite actress when I was growing up.
Even though it is a pretty rustic camp, the kids and adults all seem to love it and are very excited to get back to it every year. There is no reception for cell phones so we don't have to tell the teens not to bring them.....they just won't work. We have air conditioning in some of the adult dorms but most of the kids dorms don't have it but they don't really seem to mind. It's hot but most of the campground is very shaded, there is swimming, volleyball, softball, swimming, lots of cold watermelon....did I mention swimming. And of course the main reason we come is to strengthen our relationship with Jesus. I think the adults get as much as the kids. It is a very rewarding experience with lots of hard work but I love it.

Friday, June 7, 2013


I know everyone has storms in their lives and we are no different except that I have a God that I can run to in times of storms. He shelters me, protects me and loves me through them if I let him. Sometimes it is hard to let him do this for me because being who I am I tend to want to be in control of everything and in storms I am not.  I really need the shelter of God from this storm we are going through right now. Thank you God that you are my shelter and that I can run to you; crawl up in your lap and let you wrap me in your arms. Such a loving Father.  Protect my family and me, physically and emotionally. Gather us under you wings Heavenly Father like a hen gathers her chicks. If you don't know my Father, I pray that someday you will. He is like no other.