Friday, June 7, 2013


I know everyone has storms in their lives and we are no different except that I have a God that I can run to in times of storms. He shelters me, protects me and loves me through them if I let him. Sometimes it is hard to let him do this for me because being who I am I tend to want to be in control of everything and in storms I am not.  I really need the shelter of God from this storm we are going through right now. Thank you God that you are my shelter and that I can run to you; crawl up in your lap and let you wrap me in your arms. Such a loving Father.  Protect my family and me, physically and emotionally. Gather us under you wings Heavenly Father like a hen gathers her chicks. If you don't know my Father, I pray that someday you will. He is like no other.

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