Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spirit week

When you live in a small town or in the area around this small town and it only has one high school, then the elementary, middle and junior high schools all get involved in the activities leading up to certain sports activities. This being homecoming week, it is also spirit week so the kids get to dress up in different ways. My boys only dressed up the last two days..........Rock Star and nerd day. Noah even got permission to bring his guitar. Aren't they just so cute.
I think they are really liking this public school thing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More pictures so I don't have to print them

This post is just for me. I am posting more Dauphin Island pictures here so I don't have to print them out. Just my way of archiving.

That's all for now but believe me I will be posting more soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2015



Stuff! I have way too much stuff! It kind of creeps up on you....get a little here, get a little there, put some in that closet, put something else in that corner or drawer. And you don't even know it happened UNTIL after 40 years in the same house, you start moving all of that stuff. Talk about overwhelming. I should have gone through it before it was packed up and moved out but I didn't and now....NOW Oh my goodness. The good thing is that after we build our house and move into it, I will take only what is needed and some wanted and sell or give away all of the rest and I hope that won't be too long.
My dream move would have been for someone to come in and want my house with all of the great Stuff! Well, so much for that dream.