Monday, October 24, 2016


Time for some random fall pictures. Fall is my favorite time of year; the weather, the leaves, the smells of apple and pumpkin spice, football....just about everything about it.
Oops one last picture from the beach.
new puppy dogs
 Spirit week
Love the hair's gone.
 Cool looking cub scouts.
we stand with the armour of God on.
Football and storms???
the littles
some soccer
 and the last of the melons.

Monday, October 10, 2016

one more time

We were all sitting around the other night talking about trying to go to Disney World in the next year or so and Isaiah was standing there listening to us. Now he is only three but very smart. He told us that yes he wanted to go to the "Disney park world" but then we would have to go back to the beach. I love that kid. He loves the beach although that is the only vacation he has ever gone on so he doesn't know any better. But that's OK with me. The kids need to be raised on the beach and hopefully if Gary and I can get our camper trailer soon we can be going down there more often and stay longer. Someday I guess but for guessed it. More pictures and probably the last of the pictures from this trip. It is 2:00 in the morning, the kids are all awake and ready to roll to the beach. yippe!
Love coming to this bridge. It means we are getting close.
One of my very favorite pictures
 We love eating here when we go to the beach
 Just hanging out under the house
 He obviously thinks he is getting to old for this sort of pictures
 but the watermelon was too good to pass up.
I think all Jonah did all week was dig. He loves digging in dirt, sand, just whatever there is to dig in.
 Spa night I think except for Jenny. I think she just got into the chocolate syrup a little too much.
 Our wonderfully, fabulous deck that we ate at every night.
 More chilling
 I think you must be really tired to be able to sleep this way or maybe its just a kid thing.
 We had a sea turtle nest next to our house. We were really hoping to get to see a nest hatch but this one didn't hatch until just last week.
 He loves feeding the birds.
 Our favorite little surf shop. We make at the very least one trip here and usually two.
 love a stormy day at the beach.

 The East End beach
 Made a trip to thank these guys for their service in rescuing Jenny last summer. Thats another story.