Friday, May 29, 2015

Another birthday!

Didn't we just do this birthday thing for Squishy? Is he really 2 already? (shakes head) BUT isn't he just the most adorable 2 year old you have ever seen? Come on, admit it..........that big grin, those blond curls.......melts my heart. (sigh) Seems the grandkids, my own kids and even mine and Gary's birthdays roll around waaaaaaay to often. Not even sure an entire year has really past. Anyhow, Happy Birthday to Isaiah! Beware this is picture heavy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just a little time

Just a little fishing time with Dad although I'm not sure how much fishing Mr. Isaiah did but that's OK because he is so cute.
 A little brother and sister time.
A little brother and brother time.
 More brother and brother time.
 A little reading time
 A little lunch time.
 A little nap time.
A little superhero time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day and stormy weather

I hope it was a great Mother's day for all you moms. It was for me. It has been stormy and very rainy all week and Sunday was no different. Gary was preaching and sometimes he throws in a little Andy Griffith clip to drive a particular point home. As this was playing on the big screen in the front of the church, I thought I heard a "whine" sound. Guess it was on the clip, after all they were singing. In a few minutes though I heard it again. AWWWwww no........don't think it's on the clip. Andy talks on and then the clip ends AND I hear it again. Actually eveyone hears it at this point. Nope, not on the clip. It is the tornado warning sirens going off. Very calmly Gary tells everyone the building inspector has said the sanctary is a very safe place to be in a storm and for the moms to go get their kids. Jessica and Shanna who are in charge of the children's services had already brought all the kids into one room easy for the parents to pick up kids. Everyone came in the sanctuary, Gary finished his sermon although abbreviated, the kids were extremely quiet and well behaved then everyone left. It rained hard for a while, we went to eat and then went home. That night, Jamie and Kacee had invited us over for fried catfish.
And no we didn't even come close to fixing all of that fish. Whew! After all tummys were filled and after eating watermelon as well, we all went to sit in the living room to watch the storm come in. The entire wall is glass and sliding doors.
As it got dark, we turned the lights out, sat around and talked and laughed about old stories we were telling while the little ones fell asleep in our laps. Mmmmm......such a good day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sweet baby love!