Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Some years back, I don't remember when, my Dad had a dream of owning land with all of his kids living on that land with him and Mother. Well, he bought some land, built a house and offered all four of us kids land free of charge. I am the only one that took him up on his offer and we have been here for 36 years. Move forward to today............we have bought some land and two of my kids will be moving there with us. I know Jenny would if she could find a good job here like she has in Tulsa. Maybe someday. The land is not cleared so it will take a while for that to happen but hopefully within a year or so we will be living there.
For now, Jamie and Kacee have sold their house and are moving in with us until they can move out to the land which means we are going to need lots of prayers and patience. Hopefully after a while things will settle down. The last time they moved back in they only had Noah now they have Noah, Jonah and soon Isaiah. Fun times ahead.

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