Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not again!

Well, another night of bad weather. I started watching online the tornados as they tore through Oklahoma in the late afternoon, some heading towards my daughter in Sand Springs and my nephew in Norman. Both of them are fine, no tornado just lots of wind and rain. It was so creepy actually watching as those tornados destroyed homes and property and knowing that it was happening right then. Someone was losing their home as I watched. I almost felt like I shouldn't be watching. Is that crazy? Then later in the evening these slow moving storms made their way into our area. At first, we thought they were going to miss us going south, then they turned and made their way to us. When the sirens went off, Gary, Jessica and I made our way to the shelter at the middle school which is a gym built specifically as a storm shelter. OMGosh! It was so hot in there, so many people and so many dogs. I think there were probably over 500 people in there. I finally just couldn't stand the heat anymore and decided to move to the front doors. They were open and lots of cool air flowed in. Around midnight we left and I decided I would tough it out at home next time. We have lived in our house for 34 years and always went to our bedroom closet because there wasn't any other place to go so next time I think I will just stay home. Got kind of panicked at the gym. No electricity when we got home but other than that we were fine. That's not the case some miles down the road, homes destroyed, towns destroyed and even loss of life. God we pray for those people in their loss. Comfort them, provide for them and encourage them.

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  1. wow...I can't even imagine being so scared...the TV has some sad footage of neighborhoods flattened - praying for your safety and hoping this crazy weather in the US gets back to normal