Monday, May 30, 2011

Long weekend.

It is so nice to have a long weekend but they sure do go by fast. Especially when you are as busy as we have been this weekend. Jenny came in, spent time with Noah and Jonah, then she had a project for us to accomplish. She is doing a diy birthday party decorations that she is selling on Etsy. She provides the artwork, you print it out. Pretty cool, huh! She brought some of the kits home that she had printed out for us to do a photo shoot.
We took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese after Kacee fixed us a great dinner of two different kinds of lasagna. She makes the best lasagna.
Then the boys spent the night with us Sunday night because their parents and aunt were having a bunch of kids over for a movie marathon. We had the boys all day today and then we all had a great dinner and time together.
This morning Noah went with me to  put some flags on my dad's grave for memorial day. He was so sweet. After he placed the flags, he took them back out and wanted to put them in someone else's grave. He just didn't understand. He put them back in the planters and then just played. We enjoyed the boys so much this weekend and also enjoyed being with all of our family that is close. So thankful to God for giving me this wonderful family. I am blessed beyond words..

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  1. that is so funny about noah taking the flags out to put on someone else's grave!! too great!!
    and so glad that you liked the mushroom lasagna!! :) we had a nice time last night too! your ribs were divine!