Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nothing special going on.......

Nothing special? Does there always have to be something special going on or can we just be living an everyday ordinary life. Isn't that special enough? I think so. We have the opportunity to live in a nice warm (or cool) home with lots of creature comforts; we have plenty (really more than enough) of food to eat; we are healthy and that's a big thing; good jobs. We have a great church that we can freely attend so we can worship our truly amazing God. I think that all is pretty special. I get to see my grandkids almost every day and that is extra special. They even call asking to come over although I think they just want to get a snack and watch tv but I'm OK with that. I even get to travel some. Woohoo! Oh and do some "junkin". So you see, I think there is something very special going and it's called Life. And I am blessed beyond measure to be living it.

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