Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer is winding down

Summer may be winding down but we are still very busy with all kinds of activities. Since Jessica is the youth pastor at church, we do a lot of things with the older ones such as Sunday night movie nights,
Tuesday night dinners (where they cook and I eat and love it and am going to miss terribly).
Noah and Jonah have got me hooked on watching a TV series called "the Flash". The only thing is they watch episodes during the day and then when we watch at night, they are ahead of me. Going to have to catch up on missed ones when they aren't at the house. Let's see, now when is that? I love that they are at the house a lot and I'm sure that will end somewhat when school starts in one week. Wow, we only got started with the summer and now it is almost over.
Canning spaghetti sauce
everyone pitching in to pick the tomatoes and their are tons of them.
 Pretty girl with pretty summer hair do
 Farm family of the year (maybe?)
 Geo-caching for even more fun times.
Busy, busy, busy but fun summer time activities. Never a dull moment around this farm.

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