Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Our little town has become another statistic, sadly. But this one is way too close to home for me. We read about police shootings all day long, pray for the people involved and their families, talk and shake your head wondering what this world is coming too but when it happens in your own community it really strikes home. We had just that very thing happen. Last week as I walked into my office, I was greeted with talk of a shooting just outside of the town I live in but not work in and it was still ongoing. As I work in the same building as our police department, we began getting reports that two officers were down and numerous other law enforcement agencies were either on site or on their way to the site. Everyone was extremely nervous and anxious. I began texting my family to see if they had heard about this and that is when my youngest boy texted me that the shooter was someone he went to school with and being from a small town, everyone knows everyone else in your class. In fact this "boy" (my kid's friends will always be kids to me) was a friend to my son, had been to our home several times while the boys were in high school. How could this be! Being raised by his grandparents because his parents weren't there I'm sure wasn't ideal but I know they did their best. We always saw them supporting him in sports he played or other activities that Jamie and his friends were involved in. I have always liked to think that Gary and I had maybe just a little bit of influence on the many kids that passed through our home. But somewhere along the line, he took the wrong turn and now he sits in jail charged with capital murder. Yes one of the officers died! He left a wife, a son and so many friends and co workers. And Yes I knew him too. He was out here at our office quite often, even fingerprinted my grandsons at National Night Out; such a kind, caring person and now he is gone. It feels so surreal knowing the people on both sides of this tragedy. I can't imagine what the shooter's grandparents are going through; how heartbroken they must be and then I think of the officer's family and what they are going through. I pray for them all. That's all I can do but prayer is powerful and maybe it's a lot more than I realize.

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