Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 years

Awwwww, sigh. We have been going to Dauphin Island now for 5 years. We had the best relaxing, so fun, so soothing at least to me. There is something that draws me to the beach. I don't particularly like getting in the water; I just like sitting on the beach and listening to the waves. And the boys have grown up going to the beach. In fact, Isaiah thinks this is Jenny's other house.
Some treasure hunting 
 some tunnel digging
 cute little sea shell collector
 sand sifting
 just relaxing
 more relaxing
happy to be here
more tunneling
Let's bury my feet
just a walk along the beach
dad getting us a drink
Awwwww the beach!
Some down time after the water
Let's bury dad
Let's bury Jonah 
 To infinity and beyond!
 Miss Princess on the phone
 just before a storm
blue button jellyfish
 My two girls

 more digging
 and more digging

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