Friday, March 29, 2013

Bon Appetit

No this is not a post about cooking or any recipe. This is just a story. Gary keeps our two grandsons at least one day a week while our sweet daughter-in-law works. She is mostly a stay-at-home-mom but works this one day as a dental hygenist. The boys spend the night with us and then Gary keeps them the next day. Such a joy these two are. Now Gary has a saying he likes to say to just about anyone especially to his family.........."Someone shout Glory!" And like obedient little children we all shout "Glory". We do this because it's Gary and because we love to glorify our Lord. Well.....he said this to the boys while in the car and even at the young age of 2 and 4, they know to respond but this time Noah shouted "Hallejuah" and Jonah said "Bon Appetit". Have no idea where that came from or how he even knew the phrase. But if you think about it, that might not be such a bad phrase in connection with glorifing our Lord because we when all get to heaven, He will have a banquet table prepared for us to feast at and I know the food will be the absolute best tasting food ever. Jesus has blessed our family so richly with health, each other, everything you could ever want or need so "Hallejuah" and "Bon Appetit"!

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