Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend away!

My family and I have really been looking forward to this past weekend. We took a mini vacation to Tulsa and the Embassy Suites. We used to do this when the kids were little because they could go swimming in the indoor pool that the motel has. They always thought it was so cool to go swimming in the winter. Now we are doing this with our grandkids, so much fun. This entire weekend was about the boys but who cares. What else would we do! Because the motel messed up our reservations we got vouchers for four free pizzas from their room service so after the boys swam we took advantage of that. I think if we had just stayed in our room all weekend Noah and Jonah probably would have had a blast.........playing with their new toys Aunt Jenny brought and swimming.
Saturday morning after breakfast we took off to the zoo. The weather was incredible, most all of the exhibits we open and I think everyone really enjoyed going.
My family loves mexican food so of course we went to a mexican restaurant for dinner and the one picked was Ted's Escondito Cafe. We love that place and the food was extra good.
Jonah is really enjoying those sopapias. Yumo! After dinner, we went back to the motel for more swimming. These boys are like fish, they love it. (I can't wait until we get our big blue blob pool back up for the summer.) Sunday morning after breakfast, we checked out, did a little shopping and then headed for Incredible Pizza. The food there is actually pretty good and they have more than just pizza BUT the main attraction is all the games, rides and activities.
 Laser Tag
 Glow in the dark mini golf
Whew! All that fun makes a kid thirsty!
We all had such a great time. I am so thankful that my kids like to be with us and even on trips. Such a blessing.

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