Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What a week we just finished. J&K went on a cruise with K's parents and left the boys with us for 10 days. Wow! They are great little boys, hardly ever cry (I mean why would you when you get just about everything you ask for), sleep great and all night. But they are young boys! And I'm an old lady. Yes I did raise four kids of my own with two of them being boys but that was thirty years ago. Wow! Again what a week. I loved it though. I love being with my two boys, playing, making sand castles, baking cookies, reading, coloring, going to the park and so many other things. We did go to Pizza Warehouse...twice, and went to see Veggie Tales Live. As my mother always said, "God knew what he was doing having us raise our children when we are young." We might have more wisdom being older or maybe not but we sure don't have the energy for it. Love those boys.

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