Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More pictures and Traveling Tuesdays

I really hope you don't get tired of more pictures of our trip to Washington DC but it was such an incredibly awesome trip that I just can't help posting more plus I want to join with Sandi at whistlestopcooking for Traveling Tuesdays. I think most of these pictures speak for themselves. Our group's mission was to go to Washington DC to pray for our country. Yes we did see the sights but we also prayed with our congressman and senator and also at every building or memorial we went to. Our Country desperately needs prayer right now. I have even included an engraving on a wall that has a quote from Thomas Jefferson. So cool.
 Of course, going to DC this time of year, you can't leave out the Cherry Blossoms. They were every where. Some were white, some were pink. This one was so beautiful I couldn't resist a closeup.
 AND...last but not least, we ate one night at the famouse Carmine's Restaurant. This salad was amazing and fed six of us.

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