Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trip pictures

More on our Mission DC trip. As I said earlier, we were in DC for prayer for our nation, passing out prayer stickers, cards and performing dramas in front of national monuments. We usually got good repsonses but occassionally we got responses that were pretty angry.

Also, we meet with our congressman and senator. That was such a great experience. We had the opportunity to pray for them and with them. Congressman Womack actually took time to spent about two hours with us taking us to the floor of the House where we actually got to sit in the front row. Then we walked just a short distance, he opened the door and we stepped out on the private balcony of the Speaker of the House....right above the landing where the presidential inaguaration takes place. I was so overwhelmed. It was totally amazing.
 Next we entered a small room that is a private prayer room for the members of Congress. This small stained glass window was in this room. Totally amazing.

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  1. Wow! That stained glass window really is very beautiful - and I bet it looked even more stunning in real life.

    I'm sorry that you had some angry responses - well done for persevering!