Friday, March 23, 2012

Washington DC

We just got back today from a week long trip to our nation's capital and what a week is was. I'll be posting pictures in the next couple of days. We took a group of young adults on this trip to pray for our leaders, our country and the very foundations and morals we hold so dear. We met with our congressman, prayed for him and met with our senator and prayed with him as well. We prayed from the steps of the Capital, from the Supreme Court building. We had a drama team that performed a short drama in front of the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Memorial. We also passed out stickers and information cards. On the stickers it simply said "Praying for America" 2 Chronicles 7:14. We didn't have any agenda or issue we wanted to promote just asking people to pray for America and let God take care of the rest. We had all kinds of responses from very angry to very much support. Jessica was passing out some stickers and cards when one man told her no thank you that he was an atheist. Jessica said ok well God bless you and he responded too. I don't think he realized what he was saying. Oh well, maybe it will make him think.

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