Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The last half of June has been extremely busy for us. We had preparation for Kids and Youth Camp the week before camp, then the actual camp which is from Sunday to Sunday. We do our own camp at Robber's Cave State Park in Wilburton, OK and it is always so much fun. I do the cooking for the camp along with my great help from Julie and Mark and a few others that we can wrangle into helping. We cook three full meals a day. Whew! But we love it. Here are some pictures from the Kids Camp and later I will post pictures from the Teen Camp.
After camp was done, I learned that I was going to need some surgery on my knee for a torn meniscus. It has been hurting for a couple of months now and I just kept thinking it would get better but it just got worse. So that was done yesterday and here I am at home so what a better time to catch up on some posting.
Oh also on here are just a few July 4th pictures. I want to post more when I get them.
Hope everyone had a great 4th. We sure did. Always love, love, love getting together with family and friends. Nothing better than that. And all that good food. Thanks to my sister, Detra, for that. She plans the best get togethers. Love ya.

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  1. lovin the new background!!! i have a GREAT story to tell you about what happened tonight at the Brown home! hahaha!! it was AWFUL!!!!

    noah + cat poop=bad situation!!