Monday, July 13, 2009

You know, I am really getting lazy about posting here. I enjoy reading everyone else's posts and somehow never get around to writing anything myself. I have gotten so many cool ideas, recipes and inspirations from the many different blogs. I love it. My DH thinks I've lost it but oh well. Right now things are pretty quiet, haven't done much because of surgery to my knee. BUT recovery is going very well and hopefully by the time our vacation rolls around the last of August I will be just fine and able to do all the walking that will be done in DC. This vacation is the first one in years that the entire family is going on together. As the kids have grown up and gone their own ways, it gets pretty hard to get everyone together for dinner much less a family vacation. I can't wait. I just hope we can stand each other for 10 days. Whew! We will just have to make sure everyone has their "alone" time at some points. Hope everyone has a great day and week.

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