Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fathers and sons, Grandpas and grandsons, uncles and nephews. There is just something special about each of their relationships with this little guy. Jamie always said he didn't want any kids and now I'm sure he couldn't imagine life without this kid. Gary has always been such a wonderful father how could he help but be a fantastic grandfather to Noah and hopefully many, many more grandchildren. Josh loves kids and loves to play with them. He can get down on their level and has such fun. Noah, you are a blessed child to have so many men in your life to take care of you and to help you grow. And these aren't the only men in his life, there is also another grandfather, great-grandfather and other uncles. Noah, you also have a heritage of truly great Christian men in your great-grandfather Norman and great-grandfather Brown who you are named after. I pray you will follow in their footsteps and become the man God would have you become.

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  1. Love the photos!!! Your family is so blessed!!!