Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just look at these two sweet boys.
Don't you just absolutely want to hug and kiss them all over. On the left is Jeremiah, he is about 12 months old. On the right is my little sugar bear, Noah who will be 8 months old Sunday. I just pray these two little guys will grow up together as best friends.

Our nursery worker, Mrs. Cox has been with us for 38 years. Can you believe it? This is her, Jamie and Noah. She took care of Jamie as a baby and now has Noah. She actually took care of all four of my kids. There's no telling how many kids she has diapered over those 38 years. Thanks so much Mrs. Cox for your dedication to our children.

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  1. awww Ms. Cox!! Wow! I remember her very well as the cracker woman!!!