Friday, June 5, 2009

Jessica got a new puppy this week and she named her Mercades, Mercie for short. It is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Isn't she cute and so tiny. Last night we went over the Jamie and Kacee's for Gary to help Jamie with some repairs so Jess brought Mercie over to play with Noah. We were concerned that Noah would pull something on Mercie and hurt her and that Mercie, who loves to bite around on you, would bite or scratch Noah. They are both babies and don't understand about being easy with each other. But I think they will eventually become really good friends, playing together a lot. Which means that Noah will be at the house a lot. Yeah!
Karen and I are going to an auction tonight. I hope to get some really cool stuff to put in our junk booth. We don't have much yet but are on the road to greatness and financial wealth. How's that for positive confession. If I do, I will post pictures of my treasures next week.


  1. i love that last picture of noah and mercie!! so cute!!
    did you find anything good at the auction?? i can't wait to see ya'lls booth!! so fun!!

  2. You'll have to come out to see it. It is really small but we have a lot in it.

  3. Little Noah is so sweet...I bet he gets tons of kisses and hugs:) The puppy is sweet too:)