Monday, January 25, 2016


Prayer. That seems to be the theme for 2016 and I think that I am choosing that as my "word of the year". I see it all over facebook...."please pray for......., asking for prayer....., even my pastors (one of which as you know is my dear hubby) are really emphasing prayer in their sermons. I have had many people ask me personally to pray for them or for a situation and I naturally tell them of course I will be praying for them. I do know that sometimes we want to do something more tangible for a friend or family member but really all we can do is pray BUT what a powerful action that is. Much more than doing. Prayer should be the first thing we do, not an "aside" but the main action we take. And I don't know about you but sometimes it seems we just say a quick "Dear Lord, please help..........." when it should be so much more and I'm not talking about the length of the prayer but the intimacy of the prayer. This is a conversation with my best friend, the one who is there for me no matter what and understands all I feel even if I don't understand it. Yes, He hears our quick short bursts of prayer and they are very meaningful but we need that intimacy that spending time with Him gives us. I for one am going to be more deligent in spending more time with Him.

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