Friday, January 15, 2016

I think I'm finally finished.

Christmas Sunday morning is always so special at our church with all the special music, the Christmas sermon and then comes the Christmas sacks. My father-in-law started this tradition some 50 years ago and we still do it now. I think there would be an uprising if we ever stop doing this. From the babies to the oldest we all love getting our Christmas sacks.
Afterwards with the sanctuary decorated so beautifully for Christmas, there are lots of family pictures to be made along with pictures with dear friends.
On Christmas Eve we don't do much but we do take flowers to Jimmie and Milton's gravesite and then on to the church for Christmas Eve communion. Very special time.
Our family loves traditions and I am so glad. This tradition started with my parents a long time ago: Christmas breakfast. Plus this year was our first Christmas on the mountain. I am so thankful that my entire family was there and that it means alot to them to be there. They really make an effort to be present. I am one very blessed Mama.
Well, finally as the boys say....time for presents and boy do they dig in. Even Miss LilyLou did. I love watching their faces and their excitement as they open each thing.

Christmas was certainly fun and fast and furious this year. I thank God for all of his wonderful blessings to our family. Without him, we would be nothing.

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