Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Not yet!

We had a very busy Christmas holiday season this year and took lots of pictures AND because I primarily use this blog as a journal I am posting lots of pictures. Or had you guessed that by now. So here we go to the next activitiy.....setting up the Christmas tree with a little help from Miss LilyAnn.
With the presents under that tree, she of course had to checked them out, along with the boys.
We spend one evening looking at the Christmas lights around town and stopped at a live nativity complete with all the animals. The kids loved it. The camel even tried to take a bite of Jonah's blonde hair. Must have thought it was hay and that it looked yummy.
Then another night we watched the older boys first school Christmas program. It was so cute.
Lastly for this post is our Christmas cookie making night. We made a ton of cookies as you can see. Isaiah got into it more than any of the kids and into more of the flour as well. We rolled dough, cut shapes, sprinkled candy and spread icing for what seemed like forever.
 Wish I had some of these right now.

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