Thursday, February 14, 2013


When Jamie and Kacee and the boys came over Tuesday night for dinner, Noah decided we needed to build a tent. So we pulled out three quilts, brought over some of the dining room chairs and I tried to build a tent without much luck. Papa had to step in and save the day. After the tent was finally built, both boys decided they needed toys in their tent to play with. came a ton of toys so much so that they didn't have any room to get in their tent. After pushing the toys under the chairs, they decided they needed pillows. came about a dozen sofa pillows plus their small bed pillows. Now there really wasn't any room but we all had a turn going in and out of the tent the best we could.
Well, when you have a tent you have to have a camp out, right? Aunt Jessica volunteered to "sleep" with the boys in their tent on Wednesday night because they almost always spend the night that night. What was she thinking?!?! Sleeping on the floor in a "tent" and then having to go to work the next day?!?! Such a trooper. Jonah decided he didn't want to sleep in the tent and he went on to bed. But not Noah. He loves this sort of thing. So here they are getting ready to head inside, maybe watch a little TV on the computer and then go to sleep.
Fortunately for Jessica, it didn't last very long. Noah decided he wanted to watch TV on the sofa with Papa and Jess went on to her bed for a good night's rest. Aren't kids just the funniest things.

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