Monday, February 13, 2012

More reminicing...the other grandmother

After spending time with my dad's mother, we would then travel over the mountain to my mom's grandmother's house. There were two where my greatgrandmother lived and the other one was where her daughter and husband lived. Here we would spend the weekend I think mainly because that is where aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and anyone else that might be related would gather. I don't have any idea what the adults would do during the day because we were always outside, in the woods, down at the creek or maybe even in the chicken houses. We built forts, played in the school bus (my uncle was the school bus driver and they took the buses home) waded in the creeks, played in the "smoke house". There was so much to do. We never had to ask "could we do this or that", we just did it. There was always a ton of cousins to play with. The women, I think, must have cooked most of the day on Saturday because there were tables and tables of food on Sunday and I don't remember them doing much cooking on Sunday so they must have done it on Saturday. I do remember that my mom would do the women's hair from all up and down the valley. She would cut hair, perm hair, color hair and she was not a beautician. She always wanted to be but never got the chance to go to beauty school but she knew how to do it anyway. At night, the adults would gather at my greatgrandmother's house to play cards or get the instruments out and sing while the kids (mainly when we were older) would go to my aunt's house to watch a little tv but mainly just hang out. There were no video games or anything like that. Those were such good times and it makes me sad that my kids have never had experiences like this. We have gone back to my greatgrandmother's house only a couple of times through the years my kids were growing up but most of those people are now gone. But oh the stories I could tell about the "fox" suppers, the chicken houses, the bus that became a space ship, cooking on a wood stove with no adults around and so many more. Maybe I will do that another time.

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