Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and other stuff

Happy Valentine's Day! What do you do on the day of love? My family doesn't really have any "traditions" for this day except maybe just being together. Oh I have gotten the boys some valentine treats and will make some valentine brownies tonight, a card for the hubs (he is so good to us) but that's really about all. When the kids were young we of course did the valentine thing for school and the parties so now that they are grown it sometimes leaves me wondering if I shouldn't do something more but I guess not.
Being a mom of four, I know that mothers often times get majorly overwhelmed with all we have to do. Again, I am linking to Gracefull Mama because she is saying exactly what all us moms need to hear and she is saying it much better than I ever could. Please go and see what Joy has to say and be blessed.
Yesterday if finally snowed here in good ole Arkansas. Only a couple of inches but at least if felt like winter. I love the changing of the seasons but winter never fully arrived here until yesterday. The snow is pretty much gone now and it is supposed to be warm tomorrow but the grandboys did get to finally wear their snowsuits I got them for Christmas and build a snowman. I love the pictures their mom took.


  1. Cute pics. Thanks for sharing them!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. We have it as a family love-in now that my kiddiewinks are getting bigger!

    And snow-wise, ours has almost gone - we had only a couple of inches as well....but still so exciting!