Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a little reminicing

I was just reading Christy Jordan's blog at Southern Plate and what her mother wrote brought back so many memories. Things I wonder if I have ever told to my kids, things I want them to know about me and my growing up in the South. We went to my grandmothers's house most weekends, both of them for the entire weekend. We would stop at my dad's mother's first and she would always have fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits in the oven waiting for us no matter what time we got there. I couldn't wait, the food was so good. We never ate in the dining room that I remember but always gathered in the kitchen. It wasn't a very large kitchen but it was large enough for a booth-type place for us to sit with chairs on one other side. The cushion on the bench seat was red and the chairs were red and white, I now have those chairs. Also not sure why but there was a rocking chair in the kitchen, and again I now have that rocking chair although it is in pretty bad shape. There was only one room in the house that had air conditioning and that was the living room but I don't remember thinking the house was hot. I'm not sure kids pay that much attention to things like that. As I look back on that house now, I remember there were no hallways, you just went from room to room walking through the first bedroom to get to the other two bedrooms and bath. Outside she had a huge red barn and she lived in town not out in the country although this town was and is very small. There was so much to explore in that barn even though we weren't allowed to go up to the second floor of the barn. Daddy didn't think it was very safe but also that was where my grandmother would lay out the peanuts to dry for her famous peanut brittle. She lived just a block from "downtown" and we could walk downtown to all of the stores that were which weren't very many. But it was fun all the same because we were without adults. We didn't spend the night at my dad's mother's house just usually a couple of hours but the time we were there, we really had a good time.

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