Tuesday, April 5, 2011


For the last several months, we have been watching a beautiful bald Eagle's nest in the field right behind our house. It is huge. I have never seen a bird's nest anywhere close to that large. With our binoculars (thanks Pam and Tim) we can see the mama and daddy Eagle taking turns sitting on the nest. They are simply gorgeous, regal and awesomely amazing. We have had quite a few people stopping along the road to take pictures and just watch this new family. Well, we aren't the only ones that have an Eagle's nest close to them. I'm sure you have heard of the Eagle's nest in Iowa that you can watch LIVE online. I have watched it and been so touched watching this mother bird taking care of her young, while they weren't hatched and now as they are hatching. Absolutely amazing watching God's creations. The bald Eagle is truly a regal bird. I can't tell you how inspiring it is to watch her fluff her nest, constantly hovering over her babies and now to watch her feed them. How like baby birds we are. God is constantly fluffing our nest, hovering over us, protecting us, feeding us both physically and spiritually. You have to see this for yourselves. Here is the link to see this truly awesome event of God's love.  Bald Eagle's nest

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