Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday activities

We had such a great service in church yesterday. God is really blessing our church, we even had a mini message from Pastor Ridings in Israel, also great music and preaching. After church we went to my baby sister's house for lunch and for our annual Easter egg hunt. I thought it was going to be just Noah hunting eggs but Kylah got to come and so did my niece's children. It has been so rainy here that everything is pretty muddy but the rain held off long enough yesterday for the adults to hide the eggs and the kids to hunt them. My sister always has a prize in some of the eggs like a penny that the kids trade in to get to go through a large Easter basket filled with all manner of goodies, stuffed animals and other toys. That is more fun than hunting the eggs. Just as the kids finished picking out their prizes from the basket it started raining again. And it rained and stormed until late last night.

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