Monday, January 24, 2011

Word of the year

On my way to work this morning I was listening to my favorite radio station, KLOV out of Tulsa, Ok. They were talking about selecting a word of the year. Well, a couple of weeks ago I decided to pick out a work of the year after reading a blog on that I follow. I actually have two words. The first one is WORSHIP. I really feel the need for more worship of Jesus in my life. He is so good to me and I have not really thanked Him enough. I want to worship my God more than I ever have this year. In every church service we have had so far this year, I feel this need to worship just flowing out of me, of bowing down and falling on my face before God to worship him more and more. So my word of the year is "worship".
I said I actually have two words and so the second word of the year for me is EXPECTATION. I can feel it in the air, this expectation. I am expecting great things for me and my family this year; new additions, new healings, new lives brought back, prayers answered that have been a very long time in coming.
I think these two words are actually very good together because pouring out my worship to God will bring answered prayers that I am expecting to become realities.

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