Friday, January 21, 2011


What a lovely service for Sara yesterday, so touching and so inspirational. Sara loved God with all her heart and wanted others to love and know God also. She touched many through her life and now through her death. She has left a wonderful legacy for her daughters.

Snow!!! I love it. We just don't get enough down here in Arkansas although lots of people think we get too much.
Hopefully we will get more soon like more than an inch or two. I know those of you who get LOTS and LOTS of snow probably think I'm nuts but we just don't get enough for me. BUT...after one good deep snow I will be ready for warmer weather. I have so much I want to do outside but right now I just want to stay warm and cozy with a good bowl of soup, a nice fire in the fireplace and either a good book or old black and white movie. My kind of day.

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