Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, yes I am just a few days late BUT...I think I can still say Happy New Year. I am very excited about this new year, very expectant for lots of prayers being answered. Gary and I have been praying for several things for well over ten years now, probably more like 15 (sorry but these are kind of private, so I won't go into them here) and we are fully expecting them to be answered this year. You know when you get that "feeling" about something, that kind of excitement? When you just "know" that you know? That's what I am feeling. I am not hopeful that these prayers are going to be answered like I have been in past years, I absolutely KNOW down deep in my spirit that these prayers are going to be answered this year. This is going to be a year of addition to our family, a year of coming home and a year of awakening. Praise you Jesus. We are a very blessed family indeed.
On another note: I am going to begin this year by posting parts of Gary's book Journey into Spirit Life. I hope you enjoy it and will take something back with you.  I will be posting this on Tuesdays, so look for this tomorrow.

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