Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a weekend!

OMGosh, what a weekend we've had. Saturday we finally had Noah's second birthday party. He had an absolute blast. Jenny MADE her own Buzz Lightyear suit and showed up at his party handing out prizes for all of his friends that came. It would be interesting to know what a 2 year old actually is thinking about stuff like this. Does he even know what a birthday party is? He sure knew who Buzz was and was not afraid of him. Kacee did a great job of preparing for his party. Once she downloads the pictures, I'll post some here.
Sunday was our church's annual Hee Haw fellwoship which is based on the old TV show but we serve dinner. This year we added Chili to the menu and had baskets of candy on the tables so the little kids could go from table to table "trick or treating." We had some really cute costumes. Noah was Buzz at his birthday party and was going to be Buzz at Hee Haw but his costume got dirty so he wore his Woody PJ's with a cowboy hat and the boots he got for his birthday. He looked so adorable. Jenny also made Jonah's costume...one of the little aliens from Toy Story. She did a great job with it. Jenny showed up at Hee Haw as Buzz and gave out Junior Ranger certificates to the kids. Lots of the kids had their picture made with "Buzz" and so did several of the adults. Hee Haw was great fun, lots of laugh and lots of good food. This is the biggest fellowship we do at our church. Everyone comes.
This next weekend should be just about as busy since my sister and I are going to set up a booth at the Greenwood Fall Festival at Bell Park. Plus Gary and I will have the boys for a lot of the weekend. Kacee will be out of town and Jamie and another leader are going to have the church youth boys annual video game night Saturday night. Maybe after this weekend it will slow down for a while.

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  1. wow! that does sound busy - at least it's the fun kind of busy! I can't WAIT to see pictures of the b-day party & Jenny's buzz costume!!