Sunday, November 21, 2010


Cooking my first batch of dressing for the holidays this afternoon for a Thanksgiving dinner tonight at our church. There will be others making it as well but I really like the way our family has always cooked it. It is just good old fashioned cornbread dressing with sage. Nothing tastes like the holidays like cornbread dressing. I was going to take a picture as I cooked it but that didn't happen so I will post a picture of the finished product.

We will be going to my sister's for dinner on Thanksgiving day and we always have the same food. We have tried to have different dishes but the families ALWAYS just want the traditional foods so...  After dinner the ones going shopping on Black Friday morning gather around the newspapers to make our strategy on what, where and when. We almost always end up going to Wal-Mart first because you can price match and we take advantage of that. Every year I say I don't have much to shop for because I give my kids money for Christmas. Now don't get all bent out of shape. This is what they want since they have been grown. I do get the grandkids presents to open though. But I always end up with a lot of stuff anyway. Who can resist those good sales. As of right now, I already have a list going because I have been getting emails from a website that gets the Black Friday early. What can I say...I love a good sale.
I pray  you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are a blessed people!!!!

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