Thursday, December 3, 2009


There has been so much going on since Thanksgiving. First we did the Black Friday thing and this year we didn't even go to bed. Kacee and Jenny wanted to go to Toys R Us at Midnight and that took care of any sleep we might have gotten. We literally shopped til we dropped around 1:30 that afternoon. While we were gone, Gary and some guys from church started moving our furniture out of the house because on the following Tuesday we were getting new carpeting. Gary decided we could move the furniture and pull the carpet up ourselves and save a lot of money. We did save about $500 BUT whew! pulling all of that carpet, sweeping, painting, hauling, moving furniture, sleeping on the concrete floor really takes it out of you. Actually Gary and some guys did most of the work but it sure was tiring watching them when I was home. Gary's schedule is much more flexible than mine so he was home more than me. We finally got the carpet down and are now putting all of that furniture back, cleaning out as we go. Fun Times! It looks beautiful. Didn't realize how bad the other had gotten. At least for a while there will be no more eating in the den. We'll see how that goes. My house is going to be so clean now. We even carpeted the closets this time around. We have lived in this house for almost 33 years and this is the fourth time we have carpeted. The second time we picked a terrible carpet and it didn't hold up at all. We built this house and started out with that wonderful dark brown SHAG carpeting. There is only one thing that I can think of that hasn't been changed in all the years we have lived there and that is the wall paneling in the den. Now don't think that. It really doesn't look like you think. It is very different paneling and is actually quite cozy. Hopefully by this weekend we will have everything back in its place and I can get all of my fall stuff down and begin on Christmas.

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