Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally got my Christmas tree up and mantel decorated. I usually decorate a lot more than I have this year but with doing the carpet and all, I just wasn't in the mood to take it all out and then have to put it all back up. I really like how my tree turned out though. I have a very nice set of mercury glass ornaments for the tree but last year I didn't use them because of Jessica's cat, Cecil. He was very fascinated with all of the dangly things on the tree plus he would get up in the tree itself. Now this tree is an artifical tree so I don't know what his deal was with getting in the tree but he did. I used just plain simple glass balls. After he broke all of the ones on the bottom, I replaced those with plain simple plastic balls. So this year with Cecil and now that Noah is walking, I decided to use these plain simple balls again and it really looks good. My mantel is different every year because I can never remember how I did it the year before or I'm just in a different mood. This year I was feeling more "country" so that's how my mantel turned out. I have loved looking at other blogs and their decorations and I hope you enjoy mine. Now for the pictures.

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