Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today I am linked to Rhondi's Thankful Thursday. I am thankful today for a wonderful earthly father. He would have been 82. My dad passed away 14 years ago but he left us a wonderful Christian heritage which began when I was 10 years old with my dad and I being baptized on the same day. There were four of us kids so any time I got to do something or go somewhere with my dad when it was just me and him was a treasure. One of my best memories of being with my dad was when I was about 6 and he took me trout fishing somewhere in Missouri. There was a trout farm up there so I was guarranteed to catch a fish. On the way up there, we stopped several times to have a picnic which must have started my love for picnics.
There were times he would take the entire family fishing and what a mess that would be. He didn't get to fish much on those trips because he was constantly getting someone untangled from the bottom of the lake or out of a tree. I have lots of memories of my dad but I think my favorite one would be of how as he lay in the hospital dying he led one of his best friends to Christ. He had been talking to this man for a long time, and he never gave up. Here is a picture of Daddy with a group of guys that flew into Alaska to do some fishing. Daddy is the one on the left with the orange scarf.
Daddy left us with a love our of heavenly Father too. How blessed I am to have two fathers that have shown such love to me. Thanks Dad for always being there for me and showing me how much Christ loves me. I miss you and I love you.

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  1. Hi Teresa
    What a loving tribute to your father. You were very blessed to have him for your dad. There is lots to be thankful for isn't there? Hugs, Rhondi