Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yeah! Stellan has gone home and is looking great! Thank you God for your wonderful healing power.
Wow. How fast this summer has gone by. I can't believe school starts in just two weeks. I don't have any children of school age but I am involved with elementary age school kids at church. In the summer we do a VBS but with a twist. We take a 5-day VBS program and break it down into an every Wednesday night program for 10 weeks. It actually works out very well for our needs because of needing some kind of program for Wednesday night worship. My DIL has been teaching the same group of girls for about 5 years now and last night she was saying how some of them are going to be promoting up into the youth group this fall and how sad she was going to be to see them go.
Also it is just two weeks until we go on our family vacation. We haven't taken a vacation with all of our family in a long time. Everyone is really getting excited. We are going to Kitty Hawk, NC and then on up to DC. AW, the beach. I don't know what it is about the beach but my sisters and I absolutely love the beach. We don't really care about going in the water just being on the beach. And we love the Outer Banks which is where we are going this year. I can't believe I got my family to follow me out there. WooHoo.

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